My Involvement in Free (Software) Projects

Personal Projects

Over the last years, I've worked on my own software projects. They are usually free software, and hosted on Here's an incomplete list of some of them, which I find most interesting:

Existing Projects

I really believe in Free Software and freedom to share in general. Thus I try to support free projects where I can; some of them are also quite interesting for their own sake and I enjoy playing around and contributing to them "just for fun". In particular the ones listed here:

Google Android

Of course, since I got my current mobile phone operating under Google's Android system, it was only a matter of time until I would try programming for it! I particularly like how I can utilise lots of different "sensors" packed with it, like acceleration, magnetic field, camera, GPS and so on. Surely I will try working with all of them over the coming time.... Here are my Android app projects, which are free software:

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