In February 2012, I was very happy to guide one group at the Woche der Modellierung mit Mathematik. This was of particular interest to me, since I was a participant myself in 2006. My group worked on a topic similar to my Bachelor's thesis in physics, but we worked partially on different aspects of Jules Verne's books. In particular, we also investigated the Verne's space-gun in "From the Earth to the Moon", while in my thesis I only covered selected topics from "Off on a Coment". Also in 2013 I led a group, this time we worked on the socio-economic model I developed for my Master's thesis. The students were able to fully implement the basic numerics to reproduce my results, and also created some plots I hadn't seen before—which was quite interesting!

During the winter term 2011, I taught a group in the course Naturwissenschaftliches Rechnen at University Graz. The results of my group in the exercises to Analysis 2 in the summer term 2014 are also available.

Apart from that, I did some tutorial classes (supporting lectures from the mathematics institute about programming, linear algebra and analysis) earlier and hold a yearly physics course at my former school, AHS Bruck/Mur. See there for (CC'ed) teaching materials I wrote about physics basics (in German).

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