NameStamp — Namecoin Time-Stamping

With Namecoin, you can time-stamp data securely and in a fully decentralised fashion (just set a name to your data's hash as its value). In contrast to Bitcoin, Namecoin is designed to hold arbitrary data and thus no "hack" is required to do just that. However, one may argue that Bitcoin is actually the most secure way to time-stamp anything. But due to merge mining, one does not even have to compromise on either usability or security: Data stamped in the Namecoin blockchain will be linked to a Bitcoin block in the near future.

NameStamp is a utility to extract and highlight this link. It can be used to create a cryptographic proof that some data from Namecoin is linked to a certain Bitcoin block. With this proof, the link can be verified without any need to access Namecoin at all. For more information about time-stamping in general, why it may be useful, and how this all works, see my blog post or the project's README file.

The code itself is available under the GNU AGPL v3 in the project's repository on Gitlab.

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