Contact Me

I welcome any kind of suggestions, corrections, positive criticism and any other comments. Please contact me preferably via email, my address is

Additionally, if you prefer to protect your privacy online, I welcome it if you encrypt your mails to me (and note that I will be signing my response). You can find my GPG public key here. My GPG key should also be on public key servers, with the fingerprint:

4096R/0xB2492AC4A7330737 2014-12-11 Daniel Kraft <> Fingerprint: 1142 850E 6DFF 65BA 63D6 88A8 B249 2AC4 A733 0737

Alternatively (especially if you don't want to deal with email encryption yourself) you can use my SafeSend. Here again, you may get a certificate warning (see above). And if you are into experimenting, try out Bitmessage:


I've also compiled a file with all my contact and key data (TLS), signed with my GPG key above. The same (or similar) information is also available via Namecoin under my identity:


And yes, by-the-bye, you can also access my website over namecoin.

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