BlackJack Trainer

With this app, you can train your skills in the card-game BlackJack! It simulates a game, but keeps also track of your decisions and warns you about non-optimal ones; in addition, you can display the optimal strategy to look something up you're not sure about, and there's even a mode for training systematically all possible situations after each other.

Get It!

The project is free software and licensed under the GNU GPL v3, with the source hosted at See there if you're interested in the source. You can also find binary releases (aka .apk files) there. Or get the latest version BlackJack Trainer 0.1 (signature) directly from my website here. For this link, you can also scan the QR code to the right. And last but not least, you can also find it in the F-Droid repository.


The usage should be straight-forward: On the screen, you find the dealer's card on top and yours at the bottom. Pick any of the buttons in order to make a playing-decision. Since we want to train you, also invalid choices are presented; if you attempt one, a warning is displayed only afterwards to let you know. A message is also displayed if you pick a suboptimal one. When the current game is finished, touch the screen anywhere to start a new game.

In systematic training mode, all possible situations are presented to you after each other in a random order and repeated until you make the correct decision. The learning information is stored persistently, so you can also exit the app and continue learning later. If you want to delete the current status, you find a corresponding command in the menu. To toggle learning mode, go to the preferences screen.

Finally, the menu also contains a button to display the optimal strategy as overview. This information was collected from Wikipedia.

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