Lispel is a typed, object oriented, interpreted functional programming language. However, the main idea was to model it after natural human language and the way we think, so it would be intuitive to write and, being written as strict subset of the language, understandable even for non-programmers and those not knowing Lispel. For instance, a recursive function to calculate the factorial of an integer n looks like this:

The factorial of the integer n is for n equal 1 1, otherwise the product of n and the factorial of n minus 1.

I designed Lispel to be submitted to the Ars Electronica u19 contest, therefore it is currently based on the German language only; however, because of far reaching structural congruences between German and English, it should be fairly easy to "port" it to use English as front-end language, too. If you are interested in this project, I'd be glad to continue working on it, please contact me!

You may also be interested in the documentation in German, as well as the README file or the examples directory in the released archive.

The project is free software and licensed under the GNU GPL v3, with the source hosted at See there for more information, but you can also directly download the latest source-code release (which should compile on any common platform) Lispel 0.20 (signature) from here if you prefer.

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