Note: AutoHunter is no longer up-to-date with respect to recent game-play changes introduced in Huntercoin. Since I do not think it is used by anyone at the moment, I've not yet taken the time to update it and see this as low-priority goal. But if you are interested, let me know and we can discuss an update!

AutoHunter is a framework to write bots for Huntercoin in Python (actually, my first real project in Python). It can connect to an existing Huntercoin daemon via its JSON-RPC interface, and takes care of all the "technical details" one has to deal with (registering of names with both name_new and name_firstupdate, construction of move commands, and so on). Thus, the programmer can focus on actually implementing a strategy rather than "unnecessary" difficulties. There are also some ready-to-use examples included (although they play in a pretty dumb way).

The code is available under the GNU AGPL v3 in the project's repository on Gitlab. For more details, see the README file as well as the announcement thread on the Huntercoin forum. So far, no official releases are available (use Git instead), but that may change in the future. Anyway the project is still in a very early experimental stage, so use at your own risk!

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