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Instead of sacrificing the weaker races to our use or pleasure, with no thought for their welfare, it began to be seen that we should rather, as elder brothers in the great family of Nature, be, so far as possible, guardians and helpers to the weaker orders whose fate is in our hands and to which we are as gods. Do you not see, Julian, how the prevalence of this new view might soon have led people to regard the eating of their fellow-animals as a revolting practice, almost akin to cannibalism?

Edward Bellamy, "Equality"

Welcome to my personal website! Here you will over time find some information about me as well as the stuff I do. Feel free to browse a little. I'm not completely sure why I do this, anyway, but probably as some kind of replacement for social networking (pick your favourite provider). This way, all data is on my own server and I do not depend on any third party company to provide the service for me; which makes me feel more confident. I'm glad to receive your email if you want to engage in more "social" two-sided communication....

Please note that my native language is German (and not English), so you will most certainly find errors on these pages (especially if you're a native speaker). Sorry about that, but feel free to tell me about everything you find! I chose to build this page in English anyway, because that allows a wider range of people to visit it; and I'm just too lazy to provide a two-language version.

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